Student project about Elodea entanglement on floatplanes

Floatplanes are one way Elodea gets transported over long distances. Here we try to understand the processes at play in order to predict spread and detect new infestations.

Human Dimensions of Aquatic Invasive Species in Alaska: Lessons Learned While Integrating Economics, Management and Biology to Incentivize Early Detection and Rapid Response

This chapter links human and ecological systems research to analyze resource management decisions for Elodea spp. (elodea), Alaska’s first submerged aquatic invasive plant. This plant likely made it to Alaska through the aquarium trade. Initially …

Aquatic invasive species risk management

The goal of this project is to help management agencies in their decision making by integrating all available data on the ecological effects of biological invasions, human pathways, and economic benefits and costs of management action.